Can I sell products as a therapist or mental health professional?

Absolutely. But, of course, there can be ethical or reputational considerations to take on board….if you’re recommending certain types of products to your patients, clients, or community. (supplements, MLM or Network Marketing style nutritional products, and those sorts of ideas are outside the scope of this article, are a bit more controversial, depending a bit on your specific situation)

But great products you CAN sell as a therapist that can be super profitable, very ethical, and completely complimentary to your current practice?

  1. Workbooks, guides and digital downloads that focus on particular practices you use, and recommend
  2. Online courses
  3. Guided meditations and mindfulness based learning materials
  4. CBT, DBT and mindfulness based cards, checklists, digital guides and similar products
  5. Books! (writing a book can not only be a great way to build your brand, expand your audience and extend your influence, it can really be a transformative way of getting your unique process, or message out to the world as well)
  6. Digital products of all kinds are super fun to create – and can be a great way of stepping out of your current client/community and branching out into a more mainstream audience…..for which, there has never been a bigger demand for resources that support mental health, mindfulness, self care and staying sane….in what I think we can all agree, is a pretty crazy world 🙂

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